New Jagan Dental Centre an example of local entrepreneurship that others should emulate-President


The formal launch and opening of the Jagan Dental Center on Lamaha and Light Streets, has been hailed as an example of local entrepreneurship by President Donald Ramotar at the multi-million dollar facility’s formal opening this evening.

The president said the Jagans, “took a page from government which has been advocating medical tourism”.  Noting that due to the budgetary cuts imposed by the parliamentary opposition, there have been some delays in projects such as the Specialty Hospital and the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. He expressed confidence that good sense would eventually prevail to see these become a reality.  The Head of State also congratulated the Jagan family for continuing a family tradition which began decades ago.

Dr Clive Jagan, who began practicing in 1977, intends for the state – of – the – art facility to be a “One Stop Shop” for all dental needs.

The opening of the centre is an opportunity to further the development of local dentistry and dental tourism will be promoted. “I want to encourage all Guyanese and those in the diaspora to take advantage of the price difference”.

The Jagan centre will be offering a wide range of services basically in all the fields possible: general extraction, cleaning, filling, implants and laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, whitening of teeth, crowns and bridges.

The facility will be staffed by Dr Jagan who has more than 36 years of experience, his sons who completed their studies in India, Dr Shane Jagan, Dr Kyle Jagan and Dr Ian Jagan, and three dental technicians and a nurse.