Jagan’s Dental Centre opens in Georgetown

Source: Guyana Times

The state-of-the-art Jagan’s Dental Centre was commissioned by President Donald Ramotar Tuesday evening in the presence of government ministers, opposition members, top officials, family and friends.

The new multimillion-dollar dental facility, which is owned by Dr Clive Jagan and his sons, Drs Kyle, Shane, and Ian, is expected to promote dental tourism in Guyana and is what the family members described as a “dream come true”.

Speaking at the ceremonial opening, the senior Jagan said the centre adds to the professional dental landscape of the country.

He said the dental service provided at the centre will be afforded at the fraction of the cost abroad. “Guyanese in the diaspora and foreigners abroad in general are encouraged to take full advantage of the price difference; we would like the government to highlight this emerging health sub-sector and to facilitate its growth and development,” Dr Clive Jagan said.

President Ramotar said this move is important in carrying on the family tradition, adding that he hopes that “this venture will be an example for other professional entrepreneurs to follow”.

He said the family is on the same page with the government, noting that its aim to build the Specialty Hospital in the country is to promote medical tourism as well. “We had some setbacks with some cuts in the budget, but we are going to rectify that,” he promised.


The centre will be offering a wide range of services basically in all the fields possible: including general extraction, cleaning, filling, implants and laser dentistry, cosmetics dentistry, root canals, whitening of teeth, crowns and bridges.

During an exclusive interview with Guyana Times International earlier, Dr Clive Jagan and his three sons, who all specialise in the different areas of dentistry, reassured patients of their commitment to them even with the opening of the new centre.

“I have been serving the Guyanese public for more than 35 years, it was sad moving away from my Medical Arts office, but I have three sons who are specialising in various areas of dentistry and I want to start up something that would render new services to people and also accommodate their work,” Dr Clive Jagan had explained.

Least painful

Dr Kyle, who specialises in laser and implant surgery, noted that this is one of the least painful forms of dentistry.

“Laser is a special kind of dentistry used in this field, and you can do mostly oral surgery with it, it is good for root canals and whitening, and the beauty about it is that it is performing a bloodless surgery and it is also painless,” he said.

Lasers have been used for many years in oral surgery and implant dentistry, becoming standard for some surgeries.

Dr Shane, the eldest of the brothers, said his area of specialty is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is any dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth and gums.

“Cosmetics dentistry is giving someone a smile they are looking for or maybe a slight rotation, it is all about fixing and achieving the desired results that patients want,” he said.

Dr Ian, who is one of the youngest dentists in Guyana, said he has always had a love for oral surgery. He said before providing this kind of service to the populace, he will be pursuing another year of study in this field.