Dentistry and Bottle Painting

Source: Guyana Times

For Dr Clive Jagan, a veteran dentist, bottle painting is not only an ingenious way to ‘upcycle’ discarded bottles, but serves as therapy and a means of keeping his mind active.

A few of Dr Clive Jagan’s artistic bottles

Dr Jagan (right) presents Rayad Emrit, Guyana Amazon Warriors’ captain, with one of his painted bottles with the Warriors’ colours and logo (Carl Croker photo)

In an interview with Sunday Times Magazine, Dr Jagan said he has been practising dentistry for the last 40 years. His career began in January 1978, and to date, he has continued to practise at the Jagan Dental Centre on Lamaha and Light Streets, alongside his three sons – Drs Shane, Kyle and Ian Jagan.

“As a child, I was strongly influenced by my father and uncles, Cheddi and Sirpaul, who all worked in the field of dentistry. My father described it as a ‘noble profession’ and I shared that same advice with my sons. We are now three generations of dentists. Looking back, I would say dentistry chose me,” Jagan recalled.

The expert dentist mentioned he always had an “appreciation for the arts”; however, it was “merely a passing hobby”. Now, due to his sons managing the dental clinic, Jagan said he has more free time. And as a “firm believer in keeping the mind active by constantly learning new skills”, he started pursuing painting again.

“I painted my first bottle back in 1997, but it is only within the last year that I have been consistently painting and producing pieces. I have no specific design preference as my pieces are wide-ranging in theme and design. However, I do enjoy working with intricate patterns, where one piece can tell multiple messages and each time you look at it you discover something new hidden in the patterns,” he explained.
The self-taught artist stated he actively uses the internet for inspiration and enjoy using apps, such as Pinterest, to garner ideas as well as share his own artwork.
“I have always had an interest in art, but it is only now that I am actively painting that I have an appreciation for the value of art and artists and the time invested in bringing these pieces to life,” he admitted.

Recently, Jagan presented one of his artistic bottles to Amazon Warriors’ captain, Rayad Emrit. Jagan mentioned that the bottle was sitting on his desk for a while, and he could not find a fitting theme for it. However, with the current cricket fever and being a fan, he decided to paint the bottle showcasing the colours and logo of the Amazon Warriors.

Jagan said the celebrated cricketer, Rayad Emrit, was appreciative of his artistic piece and commended him on a job well done.
“Painting has been therapeutic for me, and for that reason alone I want to continue exploring it refining my skills. Keeping the mind and body active is essential for both physical and mental health. In addition to painting, I meditate daily and enjoy yoga and I believe a healthy hobby can also help keep the doctor away, so I would strongly encourage other professionals to take up a hobby. For future plans for my art, my sister, Sonita Jagan, has been strongly encouraging me to market my pieces, so that is a possibility,” Jagan noted.